Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Workplan, 28th May

Everyone of us was required to make a detailed workplan so that it will be a guidance of what is to be done, required,assisted by whom and what(program) and time for the whole project to finalise!! Again Bieke was ther with each of us going through the workplan and paving the way for us side by side and she requested for us to send her the finished workplans either through her email or giving just by hand delivery.
Ladies and gentlemen this is where the songs and the drums starts to sing and beat i.e. where, what and when to use and mind you the clock is clicking clockwise and not otherwise so strict SERIOSNESS IS NEEDED or else-dont ask me!!!! It not a threat but the reality.

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Kule Abraham's Learning site said...

Indeed Phina, it was after this stage when she accepted by workplan that I thought now the time has come for the son of man to product that he will be proud of. Lets us cooperate in our projects to be proud of our product back in Africa, Asia and home.