Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Workplan, 28th May

Everyone of us was required to make a detailed workplan so that it will be a guidance of what is to be done, required,assisted by whom and what(program) and time for the whole project to finalise!! Again Bieke was ther with each of us going through the workplan and paving the way for us side by side and she requested for us to send her the finished workplans either through her email or giving just by hand delivery.
Ladies and gentlemen this is where the songs and the drums starts to sing and beat i.e. where, what and when to use and mind you the clock is clicking clockwise and not otherwise so strict SERIOSNESS IS NEEDED or else-dont ask me!!!! It not a threat but the reality.

Individual Project in progress, 27th May

The individual project still in progress everyone busy on working on the comments given yesterday, its like filling the gaps and making sure that everyone is on the right track even by asking other collegues!! Heeh I only thought I had finished with the hard science subject ohhh now I ralise theres no end of the road everyday one learns something new.

The system of our learning/teaching back home of NOT UNDERSTANDING BUT RATHER CRAMING THINGS has really caused problems cant even reason a simple story for my own project but anyhow I will have to this time by understanding first!!!! You can see Bieke was there with us even at the very odd minutes of going home so that things get clear in our heads-and I tell you and the room down stairs is really cold thats why me and Bell have coverd ourselves either heavily or light but just covered!!!

Presentation of Projects, 26th May

Everyone of us had a presentaion on the individual projects whereby comments were given on how to go about. All the students wer there including Rudi, Annaleen, Bieke and Sandy who really gave us the required support especially for me who was still in he dark-mmmmhhh!!!
I really have the idea of PRODUCING A TEACHING GUIDELINE/MANUAL FOR THE TUTORS in a DVD ROM for teaching students of CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA level even if I wont be there heeeeehhhh thats where the issue is interacting things together which is which the story/notes board, flash, html,ppt etc etc-SOS

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Session on Multicampus, 23rd May

Oh I had forgotten to update my weblog, thanks Erik for reminding us! Atleast this day I started working on the weblog I really had the long way to recall and to work on my storyboard/story notes! Still until I left teh theater room I was in darkness-I really dont know if I am the one alone in the class of ten people not understanding or its that people havent spoken out! Atleast I have a plan of working with fellow collegues on it back home after the weekend chores!

We agrred that on monday we will be doing somesort of a presentation but just to see what we have understood, not or where are the gaps and sorting out hings so that we can continue with next weeks itinerary!!

Guys may you all have a nice weekend!!! See you on monday

Session on multimedia, 22nd May

There came Sander with the continuation of yesterdays dose-Animation! It was more complex I am not so clear if I will ever get out of this day dreaming I am having right now, to make things more difficult we are supposed to work on our individual projects starting with the story board in this situation! Heres the question which I had to ask Erik that mine is not a story as such but notes then how will I make it into a storyboard or should I make it into a noteboard! still puzzled; We were told to come on friday though there were not classes so that we could get asssitance from Sandy and Sander!

Introduction to Animations, 21st May

We were down at the studio room downstairs it was the beggining of the toughest days in AVNet-ANIMATION, Sandy tried her her level best to unlearn and learn me but I am still in dreams hoping the next day will be comfortable for me as it will be a continuation of todays lesson. At first with the flash programme it started well now in hands on thats where i got lost making the ball jump up and down and sideways but slowly I hope to!

Introduction to story board, 20th May

It was quite a rough day as I am used to just tell stories that I was taught when I was little and of course reading novels but today I have to know how to tell stories in a diffrent way)animation! We went through ofcourse with Kristof the story of the wizard of Oz script and sketches; At first it was difficult but at the end I managed to understand it by going through the celtix for movies and template for documentary; Kristoof reminded us on synopsis what one has to do as a director from the different shots to the shortcuts and the shot listing using alot of abbreviations but I managed; it was quite smooth! Thanks Kristoof

Preparation of idea for individual project, 19th May

I didnt go to class on this day I wasnt feeling that well; but I Bell sent me an email telling me to collect my ideas on what I would like my individual project to be like. I did and I thought of updating my teaching notes up to a CDrom; So far I came with one module which I would make it into a very presentable format readable and interesting to read hence understandable students learning material! and by doing so I will be in a postion to complete the rest of my modules back home and of coures to teach my fellow collegues!

Weekend, 17-18th May

I didnt have a nice weekend at all I was pretty sick-stomach and headaches may due to change of weather!! I was in my small room the whole wkend! I felt really homesick nobody to talk to not like back home everybody is busy!!! Thanks for AVnet I had the laptop with me.

Introduction to compression, 16th MAy

The compression phase was really smooth as Erik took us the slow motion and we got it all well-I enjoyed it! Imagine a how big the movie can be but can be compressd to a size that can also be t ransfred by any software and easliy delivered, dont have to go to the post office to send/deliver such parcel-I think like the old ways! Butwe have to have the old ways so as to move forward guys. The interframe Vs Intraframe compression that is compressing between frames and within the frames-remember that guys-hope so! Our group even tried to compress the compressed one e.g compressed version of .mpeg to flash but it came to a point it didnt work! Oh the movie formats i.e. codec, fome formats, architects etc etc and the deinterlacing which is a pre-requisite on movies.

Introduction to editing. May 15th, 2008

We did the editing-editing room, for the clips we took yesterday by the use of either the Quick time pro, windows movie maker, Imovie softwares etc etc but we opted to use final cut pro-mac. The most interested part is when you have the shot and by the time you go to the studio and realise that there was a point missing-gap all you have to do is to use the right tool e.g fade in and fade out though not recommended on interviews so as to have a succession of images!

About the sounds it its highly recommedned to take the sound of the environment before the scene as this would have helped a lot when edidint sounds, for us we didnt thats why on our interview clip we had a lot of aeroplane loudness which we had a bit of problems dealing with but we tried with Krostofs assistance!learned
In teh afternoon the session continued unitil we were satisfied especially for me, as I had to let the whole group go forward and backward so as to get things straight-mmhh learning and unlearning is quite an activity but thanks guys for being there for me heeeh if not for Kristof oops I dont know how I would have gone back to africa not knowing how to edit movies, clips you name them all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Introduction to video&audio recordings,wednesday 14th May 2008

Since we started the course to date this has been the most interesting day, as we had the hands on actvity of recording short clip/movie with modern camera where back home we are used to see people holding and shooting them as wizards-very talented execeptions ohh just to find out with time its possible! The whole after noon with the Kristoof and Christof really interesting.

We were divided into two handy goups of 5 members where as my group I was with Bell, Fanta, Zed and Prolahd-what a everlaughing group even if you were to be tired or angry there was no room for that!!!! Watch this I and Prohlad-bangla boy!

Literature theoretical background AV/MM, tuesday 13th May 2008

The day was quite tense with a lot of class work and this seemed since we had just come out of a long weekend, became very tiresome but eventually in the evening we had an opportunity to watch a teleconferencing-this was wonderful especially for me as it was the very first time to!! and the topic was even interesting impact of war on the use of ana material. This topic touches our daily lives whether developed or developing it has a moral and psychological impact as well and this presentation was done thru three different university i.e Tokyo, Dresden and Leuven. Anyway we had to leave early since most of us were exhausted and not forgeting our dinner serving ends at around seven thirty.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

National holiday,12th May 2008

Going on with the long weekend in a new place not nowing where to go but I and Bell went to walk around exploring places until we reached Spit just to find out that it was closed and even written on the door though in DUTCH but we manage to understand-closed on 12th mei; not so bad but we managed to spot the area its just awalking distance from AVnet!!!!!!

PENTECOSTAL DAY, 11th May 2008

For us believer and church goers it was a holly day-the PENTECOSTAL DAy but since we were tired none of us went to church for us believers we just stayed at the college until the afternoon where we went out just for a short walk ; the town was reall full of activities and people tooo.

saturday 10th May 2008

Ohhhh this was really an interesting day for the Tanzanian where we had an opportunity to go to our embassy in brussels; Our hosts took us around the city first and saw some interesting places without forgeting the redlight street-to me I had a different feeling and views but just something of kind to see people in shops instead of dolls-anyway I reserve my comments!
we really had fun as we met people of back home especially for my side as I met some of my university collegues whom we studied together those good old days and we never had the chance to meet until this date!!!!

now when the trip back home to leuven reached we felt like lost sheeps without a shepherd but we had to leave anyhow and we managed to reach Justuslipsius college at Monderbroudersstraat at almost midnite-really exhausted;

International Office and AVNet, 9th May

The second day in Belgium where we were taken to the International office and brief history of AVNet by Johannes De Gruyter after that we returned back home by bus as we were still "new" instead of walking through the mini forest and the flyover!!!!!!

Introduction to computer and presentation about our institutions, thursday 8th May 2008

The Introduction to computer not very clera if it was done but we managed to presentations on our respective institution, expectations of the course and ideas on the indivivdual tasks after the completion of the course!!!

it was rather interesting for me especially when one of our collegues presented that River Nile started from Ethiopia but to my understanding and geography it never did but started in UGANDA!!!!!

ahh I have to get back to my geography to confirm on the controvesial thoughts-see those two Ethiopians blue Vs White River Nile!! Fanta, I and Zeb

Friday, May 9, 2008

AVLM ITP Programme week 1 & 2


Hi! welcome to our first day activity at AVLM-we had a team building session whereby we introduced ourselves through our neighbor sitting next to one another-yeah it was quite interesting as this helped remember my new friend-Bell