Saturday, May 24, 2008

Introduction to compression, 16th MAy

The compression phase was really smooth as Erik took us the slow motion and we got it all well-I enjoyed it! Imagine a how big the movie can be but can be compressd to a size that can also be t ransfred by any software and easliy delivered, dont have to go to the post office to send/deliver such parcel-I think like the old ways! Butwe have to have the old ways so as to move forward guys. The interframe Vs Intraframe compression that is compressing between frames and within the frames-remember that guys-hope so! Our group even tried to compress the compressed one e.g compressed version of .mpeg to flash but it came to a point it didnt work! Oh the movie formats i.e. codec, fome formats, architects etc etc and the deinterlacing which is a pre-requisite on movies.

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