Tuesday, May 13, 2008

saturday 10th May 2008

Ohhhh this was really an interesting day for the Tanzanian where we had an opportunity to go to our embassy in brussels; Our hosts took us around the city first and saw some interesting places without forgeting the redlight street-to me I had a different feeling and views but just something of kind to see people in shops instead of dolls-anyway I reserve my comments!
we really had fun as we met people of back home especially for my side as I met some of my university collegues whom we studied together those good old days and we never had the chance to meet until this date!!!!

now when the trip back home to leuven reached we felt like lost sheeps without a shepherd but we had to leave anyhow and we managed to reach Justuslipsius college at Monderbroudersstraat at almost midnite-really exhausted;

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