Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend, 31st MAy and 1st June

Yeah! It was another weekend-quite boring especially on saturday but sunday church was there for me just downstairs!!

Multimedia management, 30th May

We had the opportunity to be taught how to manage the multimedia i.e. CD,DVD,Kiosk either combined or not; off or online! What its all about, the stages, chaos, software toolkit etc etc this was very possible by the help of Ruud and had to go over my project step by step after what we had gained yesterday-remember??? I know I can go slowly over it by myself now....

My project&DW, 29th May

we were given some lessons on DreamWeaver(DW) and how to make a links, layout to make it look impressive etc etc and we continued working on our individual projects from the scratch but this was able enough after some detailed lessons and practices from Ruud I tell you its learning new things every day!! Ruud was really a help as more light was put into my project-thanks Ruud.
Lets give a little insight of our welfare-where to eat atleast we are conversant as you can see we were able to go shopping-cooked stuffs that evening at GB since there are no meals at Justuslipsius until 9th of June, with hospital issues none of us is aware of this matter hope we will all finish up safe as we came but what if anything happens especially during the weekend whom shall we seek assistance and we also hope one of these remaing days our hosts will organize a visit e.g. museums, zoo, outskirts etc or something of a sort just to see a bit of Belgium not just studying-sorry guys I was just thingking outloud!!!