Saturday, May 24, 2008

Introduction to editing. May 15th, 2008

We did the editing-editing room, for the clips we took yesterday by the use of either the Quick time pro, windows movie maker, Imovie softwares etc etc but we opted to use final cut pro-mac. The most interested part is when you have the shot and by the time you go to the studio and realise that there was a point missing-gap all you have to do is to use the right tool e.g fade in and fade out though not recommended on interviews so as to have a succession of images!

About the sounds it its highly recommedned to take the sound of the environment before the scene as this would have helped a lot when edidint sounds, for us we didnt thats why on our interview clip we had a lot of aeroplane loudness which we had a bit of problems dealing with but we tried with Krostofs assistance!learned
In teh afternoon the session continued unitil we were satisfied especially for me, as I had to let the whole group go forward and backward so as to get things straight-mmhh learning and unlearning is quite an activity but thanks guys for being there for me heeeh if not for Kristof oops I dont know how I would have gone back to africa not knowing how to edit movies, clips you name them all!

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