Saturday, May 24, 2008

Session on Multicampus, 23rd May

Oh I had forgotten to update my weblog, thanks Erik for reminding us! Atleast this day I started working on the weblog I really had the long way to recall and to work on my storyboard/story notes! Still until I left teh theater room I was in darkness-I really dont know if I am the one alone in the class of ten people not understanding or its that people havent spoken out! Atleast I have a plan of working with fellow collegues on it back home after the weekend chores!

We agrred that on monday we will be doing somesort of a presentation but just to see what we have understood, not or where are the gaps and sorting out hings so that we can continue with next weeks itinerary!!

Guys may you all have a nice weekend!!! See you on monday

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