Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Individual Project in progress, 27th May

The individual project still in progress everyone busy on working on the comments given yesterday, its like filling the gaps and making sure that everyone is on the right track even by asking other collegues!! Heeh I only thought I had finished with the hard science subject ohhh now I ralise theres no end of the road everyday one learns something new.

The system of our learning/teaching back home of NOT UNDERSTANDING BUT RATHER CRAMING THINGS has really caused problems cant even reason a simple story for my own project but anyhow I will have to this time by understanding first!!!! You can see Bieke was there with us even at the very odd minutes of going home so that things get clear in our heads-and I tell you and the room down stairs is really cold thats why me and Bell have coverd ourselves either heavily or light but just covered!!!

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